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Building Companies for the Sustainable Economy

About Rusheen

The coming demand for new technologies & business models that deliver resource efficiency will be equivalent to a second industrial revolution and…

the largest value creation opportunity of the 21st century

Rusheen Capital Management is a Santa Monica, CA-based private equity firm that invests in growth-stage companies in the carbon capture and utilization, low-carbon energy and water sustainability sectors.

Rusheen is led by Jim McDermott and Jeff Green, proven investors and entrepreneurs who have spent the last 20 years building an unparalleled track record in building sustainable technology companies.

Track Record

De novo companies

Corporate / university spin-outs

Private equity investments

Capital raised and invested in sustainability

Software & Internet

Energy & Water

Our Partners

RCM Approach

RCM Invests In and Assists Companies that Focus on Resource Efficiency and Leveraging Waste Streams as New Resources

REDUCING the amount of fossil energy and water consumed in existing industrial supply chains, electrical systems and transportation networks (and associated emissions / waste)

REUSING carbon dioxide, greenhouse gases, stranded energy, waste water, and other waste streams as “new” resources


Carbon Capture and Utilization

Converting CO2 Emissions to Value-added Feedstocks

Low-Carbon Energy

Improve / Increase Renewable Energy Production

Water Sustainability

Water efficiency & reuse


Rusheen’s team has a unique mix of…

Founders & Managing Partners

Jim McDermott |

Jeff Green |


  • Founder / MD of one of the largest clean energy PE firms in the United States (US Renewables Group)
  • Founder / CEO / Board Chair of the largest exit in the water industry in the last 15 years (NanoH2O)
  • Founder / Investor / Board Member of the leading global biofuels company (Fulcrum Bioenergy)
  • Principals have worked together since 1996 with founding of (NASDAQ: STMP)

RCM Portfolio


Sector: Carbon Capture and Utilization

The leading developer of Direct Air Capture facilities worldwide


Sector: Water Sustainability

First ever industrial-scale nanobubble systems for ag, wastewater treatment, mining and O&G


Sector: Low-carbon Energy

Low-cost, low-emission H2 production with only solid carbon byproduct

Carbon Engineering

Sector: Carbon Capture and Utilization

Leading industrial-scale direct air capture technology of atmospheric CO2


Sector: Carbon Capture and Utilization

Carbon capture for semi-trucks


Sector: Carbon Capture and Utilization

Carbon capture & storage project development & finance company

Carbon Ridge

Sector: Carbon Capture and Utilization

Modular onboard carbon capture for maritime shipping